Benefits of coconut oil in your dogs diet

April 15, 2018
Benefits of coconut oil in your dogs diet

Coconut Oil is a rich source of nutrition for humans. It has immense health benefits that range from digestive system to skin and everything in between. Similarly, for dogs too, coconut oil is highly beneficial and adds essential nutrients that are not found in any other food source.

Here are 6 amazing benefits of coconut oil in dogs.

1. Shiny coat, healthy mane.


When applied topically, coconut oil helps to clear up skin conditions like flea allergies, dermatitis and itchy skin. It is known to improve overall skin and coat health in dogs as well as fight odor. It can be used for healing cuts, wounds and dry skin and cracked patches.

2. Happy tummy, happy puppy!

Coconut oil has many benefits for a dog’s digestive system. It aids in nutrient absorption and is anti-inflammatory. It also helps in killing parasites in the digestive tract. It is a rich source of essential fats and provides a protective lining for the digestive system. 

3. Strong and healthy wins the race!

Coconut oil contains powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in boosting your dog’s immunity. It helps in regulating and balancing insulin and promotes normal thyroid function. In fact, coconut oil is also known to help in weight loss!

5. Bye bye joint pain!

For dogs, it is extremely important that they have strong bones. Coconut oil helps in building a strong musculoskeletal frame in dogs. Older dogs can experience comfort from arthritis due to coconut oil. It also eases joint inflammation.

6. Great for brain too!

Coconut oil promotes good brain and nerve function and is also known to prevent dementia. It is extremely useful in clearing up ear and eye infections and can be applied topically too. An interesting fact about coconut oil is that it can be used to clean your furry friend’s teeth!


If you’re inspired after reading all the amazing health benefits of coconut oil and are wondering how to include it in your pooch’s diet and lifestyle, we have some useful advice for you.

Start with small amounts ; get your dog gradually used to coconut oil without exposing him to too much at once. If you’re unsure about proportions , choose a dog food brand that uses coconut oil as an ingredient, like Now Fresh.

 A coconut oil skin treatment about once a week can make a big difference in the health of your dog's skin and nails. Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways and presents incredible health benefits even when used in small proportions.

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