Famous Dogs of Instagram 2018

August 15, 2018
Famous Dogs of Instagram 2018

They’re stars in their own right and rule their pages with might...and tons of followers who shower love on them daily. Let’s look at some of the most popular dogs on Instagram that we LOVE!


1) Loki the Wolfdog

She’s been breaking hearts since 2012 and inspiring the world to take their dogs outdoors..because that’s where all the fun is!

Loki the wolf dog

Follow Loki: www.instagram.com/loki

2) Tuna melts my heart

If what you’re looking for a hearty laugh and a lot of joy, all you’ve got to do is get your daily dose of Tuna! Watch her profile and you’ll know this little one is a pampered joker personified.

Tuna Melts My Heart

Follow Tuna: www.instagram.com/tunameltsmyheart


3) Momo

They hail from Canada, Andrew and Momo are almost always on an adventure. Watch Andrew Knapp’s Instagram account to follow Momo’s journeys and some incredible pictures that make you want to hug this Border Collie!

Momo the border collie

Follow Momo: www.instagram.com/andrewknapp


4) Kylo and Vader

Whose the most powerful Jedi? They have lightsabers as toys and their life revolves around finding the Death Star toy ..watch these two on their adventures as they conquer the world!

Kylo and Vader

Follow Kylo and Vader: kylo_and_vader


5) Viktor

Follow Viktor’s life in monochrome. He’s a beautiful long boy and has got to be one of the most photogenic dogs on the internet today!


Follow Viktor: www.instagram.com/_wand_wand

6) Lizzie and Ally

Lizze and her little Ally are two gorgeous Golden girls. Watch the love they share through their adventures, antics and amazing outings..

Lizzie and Ally

Follow Lizzie and Ally: www.instagram.com/lizzie.bear


7) Jake and Addie

The Goldens truly rule! Jake is blind and watching him live it up through this profile is an absolute delight! Addie is one in a melon. Follow these two funnies for some heart warming pictures and stories.

Jake and Addie

Follow Jake and Addie: www.instagram.com/thegoldensrule

8) Drewbert and Mona

Corgis = Tenacious, Outgoing, Friendly, Bold, Playful, Protective. Watch Drewbert and Mona unfold their inherent characteristics on their Instagram profiles and look adorably cute while at it.

Drewbert and Mona

Follow Drewbert and Mona:  www.instagram.com/drewbertcorgi


9) Monty the Miniature Daschund

He’s touted as UK’s No. 1 Miniature Daschund. This little fellow digs naps, tricks and swims! Follow this sausage’s profile to be overjoyed what this breed is truly capable of!  

Monty the mini dash

Follow Monty:  www.instagram.com/montyminidachshund


10) Dean the Basset

This boy is really pawsh, loves to get out and digs his dose of socialising. Watch Dean’s floppy adventures and endearing pictures that make you fall in love with this lazy-looking-but-not-lazy looking pooch!

Dean the basset

Follow Dean the Basset: www.instagram.com/deanthebasset

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