Good Science: 7 Ways dogs make humans healthier and happier!

August 29, 2018
Good Science: 7 Ways dogs make humans healthier and happier!

There are uncountable ways that your pet dog can make you healthier, here’s a list of some of them with evidence!


  1. Dogs always put you in a good mood! A study conducted by the Centre for Animal Wellness, Missouri University College of Veterinary Medicine measured the hormonal changes in a dog and human when they interact and proved just so.  
  2. Dogs help lower blood pressure. An experiment was conducted on some extremely stressed out professionals (stockbrokers who were on BP medication!!) where they were made to interact with dogs repeatedly in sessions. The results showed lowered blood pressures and also that the dogs were effective at lowering blood pressures as compared to drugs!


  1. Petting dogs fights Depression. Studies have shown that pet owners are less likely to become depressed compared to individuals who don’t have dogs. Besides, dogs boost your dating life, everyone knows an adorable dog is the best way to begin conversations and meet new people.. you’ve got to get undepressed with that!
  2. Dogs keep you fit and active. The Journal of Physical Activity and Health concluded that dog owners have better odds of accomplishing fitness goals as compared to individuals who don’t have dogs. Dog owners don’t just walk more than a non-dog owner, they walk 28% faster than their counterpart!
  3. Growing up with dogs reduces allergies. Latest research states that children who grew up and lived with pets had a lower risk of developing allergies when they grow up. Another study showed that there is a direct and positive correlation between the number of pets in a home and the likelihood of babies developing allergies: when two or more pets were present, the likelihood of an infant getting allergies decreases by 77% ! It is also a well established fact that children that grow up around pets have stronger immune systems.
  4. They greatly help people with ADHD, PTSD and Autism. Several Therapy Dogs are trained to work with individuals and many children who have ADHD, PTSD and Autism. Dogs help these individuals by disruption of disruptive behaviours by providing a sensory overload. They have a relaxing effect on individuals whose true need is to sense peace and calm in their environment while being provided stimulation.  For children with Autism, dogs provide a trustworthy source of companionship as these kids have several attachment issues. The dogs also act as an anchor to keep them from wandering off.

Dog comforts kids

Dogs act your own personal heat pad! Dogs make the best cuddle buddies and act as amazing heaters to warm your cold hands and feet on a winter morning. Besides the heat that dilates your blood vessels, your snuggling pooch stimulates sensory receptors in the skin that helps stretch your tissues along with encompassing you with that fuzzy feeling that being immeasurable happiness to your being!

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