Hyper dog Alert

February 01, 2019
Hyper dog Alert

Is it unusual for your dog to remain absolutely calm even in environments that are rather usual? Does your dog react atypically to even the most routine of stimuli? Exasperated breathing and a heart rate that has been concerning you? If your answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, chances of your dog being termed “hyper” are pretty high. But we think it is only unfair to term a surge of drive “hyper” or “abnormal” and thus we list for you ten things that can help Fido get rid of her neverending energy!

Dog Exuding Energy

  1. Your acceptance

More often than not, it is the pet owner’s acceptance or the lack of it that actually aggravates the perception of your dog’s condition. You must also accept the fact that it is going to take work in calming Fido down.

  1. Physical exercise

One reason why your dog is exuding so much energy without an ascertained reason is probably that she is not getting the right outlet for the application of energy. Physical exercise including games such as fetch and dodge require quite a high amount of energy, thus being a great source for energy projection.

  1. Mental exercise

When it comes to the right projection of energy, we believe, along with the body, the mind too must be exercised enough. By nature, dogs are athletic and thus they may still have enough agility no matter how much they have exercised physically. A little brain work can thus further wear out your Fido. Games that require the engagement of all or more than one of their senses is a great way to exercise the brain!

  1. Rewards

Who doesn’t love rewards? Rewarding can drive desired results in more ways than one. When your dog is calm, make sure to address it and then reward it. Let's not forget how a rewarding activity reaps repeated activity!



  1. Manners

Sometimes hyperactivity or a surge of energy can actually be just the absence of the right manners. Sitting when being leashed, obeying verbal commands are all a matter of practice. A good Fido rarely gets impulsive for that is simply does not fit her manners!

  1. Change in diet

Food can be a major trigger for a wrong channelling of energy. Thus, wholesome nutrition is absolutely essential. Foods induced with taste enhancers, growth hormones and other preservatives can be easy on your pocket but difficult on Fido. Here are some great choices you can make to ensure the right nutrition for your dog, junior or senior!

  1. Indoor games

Sometimes getting the dog out may not always be an option and thus you must resort to indoor games. Indoor games like Find It, Hide And Seek and Manners Minder (also known as Treat and Train) are fabulous ways to ensure Fido is staying engaged even inside the house!

  1. Taking breaks

Sometimes just giving Fido a break from everything - training, rewarding and anything else you may be doing can actually do the trick. Refraining from activity and arousal can be a great mental and physical stimulator of rest. Breaks are also a good way to train Fido for that transition from excitement to calm.

  1. Aromatherapy

If you thought aromatherapy was only for us humans, try it on your Fido for some massive reaping awards! Dogs by habit are creatures of scents, and thus scents can go a long way in aiding Fido for various things like calming down. Just have a word with your vet before you begin!

  1. Keeping your energy in check

Last but not least, determining your own energy levels is what we recommend. The pet parent’s energy is a major contributing factor in the pet’s energy level. Your stress levels and aggression shape your Fido’s because someone once rightly said: “your dog is your mirror!”.


With this list, rest assured (quite literally!), both, Fido and you will be mastering the art of calm!

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