Introducing your pet to your new baby It

September 12, 2018
Introducing your pet to your new baby    It

Introducing your pet to your new baby


It is almost time to welcome your baby home. Along with preparing yourselves, the nursery, your family for the arrival of the little one, there’s a huge task at hand- preparing your pet for it. As challenging as it may sound, introducing your baby to your first furry four-legged baby isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Here are some pointers that will help you ease the transition.


  • Start early

Having a baby isn’t an overnight process. There is ample time from conception and It gives you enough time to prepare yourself and your pet for the arrival of your little one. Start by introducing your pet to new sounds and smells such as recordings of baby sounds, singing a lullaby, gurgling noises and smells such as baby oils shampoos and powder, blankets and burp cloths. This is a good way to introduce your pet to the changes in the surroundings that it will have to get used to soon, while not rushing it into it right away.


  • Address any possessive behaviour towards food, toys, petting time:

If you feel your pet is possessive about certain things, address this issue. If need be, hire a trainer to do so. Train the dog to share its toys or not mind playful tugging and grabbing. Do so by petting it and giving a treat every time it follows your command. A slightly older baby will definitely have its interest piqued when it sees your pet and will want to grab its toys. Curtail the pet’s overtly rambunctious behaviour by not letting it jump on sofas or near the baby nursery.


  • Understand pet behaviour:

If your pet shows any unusual signs of aggression or growling, find the cause and work on it. If need be hire a professional to do so.


  • Face to face:

Once the baby is home and settled into a routine, Sit down with your baby and your pet in a room. Have someone hold the pet (whomever it is most comfortable with) and bring it near the baby. Leash it if need be. It’s always easier to hold onto it that way while you let your pet sniff your baby. Any sign of aggressive behaviour should be dealt with immediately by first moving the baby away from the pet; and leading the pet into another room where it is most comfortable. Your pet will display immense curiosity over the arrival of your little one. Shower it with the same love and affection as you did before the arrival of the baby. This will stop it from being insecure and not try to get your attention in different ways.


  • Let both of them grow with each other:

While it is important to supervise the playtime of the baby and the pet, set up a routine where you take them for walks together and have a designated supervised play time where both of them interact.

Managing a baby and a pet at the same time can be an exhausting process. But at the same time it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Handling the situation calmly and treating your pet with the same amount of love and attention can help turn the baby and the pet into BFFs in a short span of time!

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