Pets are for life, not just for Christmas!

December 22, 2018
Pets are for life, not just for Christmas!

Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human. – Donald L Hicks.

With Christmas around the corner, gift lists are getting long and the time to procure them, short. While everyone wants to come up with presents that are unique and priceless, not everyone can think of something like that. Pets as presents are one of the most precious and thoughtful kind of gifts and seems to have become a trend around the globe. But the practise of gifting pets for Christmas is good only when it is taken incredibly seriously. Animals that become pets have to be a part of the family they’re a part of and need to be treated similarly. Getting a pet is a serious responsibility and commitment for life. Unfortunately, impulsive and unthoughtful humans who get or gift pets sometimes surrender or abandon them within weeks or months. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Here are a few things that should be considered before getting or gifting a pet this Christmas and saving an animal from becoming an abandoned or a scarred pet and its life from being ruined.

  • Begin with RESEARCH. Pet research is one of the most neglected aspects. Look up what breed suites the weather, the household. What kind and size pet will the family be comfortable with? What kind of food would the pet need, and whether the family will gladly provide for it? Also, the behavioural patterns and the financial capacity to own pets.


  • Gifting a pet to CHILDREN might earn you brownie points, but it is necessary to consider if they have the capacity to look after it. Sadly, a lot of parents wake up to the fact that there is no one to look after the pet only AFTER it has been gifted. This leads to plenty of pets being surrendered to animal shelters.


  • Pets require ample amount of ATTENTION and LOVE. The pet owner needs to spend plenty of time training, playing with and exercising the pet. Everyone in the family needs to know how to look after the pet and should be able to take responsibility when the main caretaker is away.


  • Some people find it easier to gift pets like HAMSTERS or RABBITS thinking they spend most of their time in a cage or outdoors. But these animals need to be brought up and cared for just like any other pet.


  • Gifting BIRDS or FISH as pets is a huge trend too. And as less demanding as they may seem, they still need upkeep in terms of the right food and hygiene.


  • There is a huge FINANCIAL aspect to maintaining a pet. One needs to spend equally on a pet as they would on a family member. Pet food, pet grooming, trainers, veterinarian visits and last but definitely not the least, accessories like leashes, harnesses, beds and chew toys. Everything has a price, and nothing comes cheap.

Animals feel the same emotions as humans do. But unlike us, their needs are basic. Love and attention go a long way in keeping your pets happy. Pets bring so much love and fun into any house. They definitely make the best friends that children can grow up around. They give unconditionally and teach us so much. What we must remember is to give them what they deserve. Equal love back and a commitment to look after them. The commitment that lasts a few years. What also has to be factored in is that they age too and when they do so, they need more love and care.

Having a pet is the best therapy. Bound by unrestricted love, pets definitely add to the family bond emotionally, physically and mentally and make your world a better place to live in!

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