Slowing Down a Cat Who Eats Too Fast!

February 08, 2019
Slowing Down a Cat Who Eats Too Fast!

Slowing Down a Cat Who Eats Too Fast!

Food tends to get cats excited and it is usual for a cat to scarf down its meal causing further complications. From overeating, vomiting to indigestion, fast eating has several grave consequences. While cats by nature get their way, whether with a foot rub, a pleading stare or simply the deranged meowing that cat owners seem to have gotten used to. Of all these (and more!), feline pet owners have perpetually been concerned about their pet eating faster than it should. Addressing this issue, here’a list of measures you can take to slow down a fast eating cat.


  • Spread the meal on a flat surface

Eating in a typical cat food bowl can have your tabby uncertain about its depth making it want to rush to finish. It’s also natural for it to simply tuck into the bowl and get it all in! A great alternative for this is a flat plate, a pan or even baking tray! A well-spread layout that your cat can see helps it determine the quantity and thus eating it at a slower pace. To make it better spread the kibbles or chunks in such a way that Tabby has to eat every bite one at a time.


  • Engaged feeding

Remember when you were a kid and watched TV while eating your meal and then a voice, “You need to finish faster!” from the back, just reverberated?! Well, the same kind of engagement can help a cat eat slower too. Now we don’t mean you should make your cat sit before the TV but engage it! A puzzle feeder for cats is a go-to solution for several cat owners. Cat treat toys come in myriad forms, puzzles being one the most popular, to keep Tabby engaged while eating!


  • Put an obstructing object in your cat’s food

Think golf ball, a ping-pong ball or the likes! The reason behind this is absolutely straightforward, having an object in your food is indeed going to make you pause or cause a little intrigue ultimately affecting your eating speed. You must, nevertheless, ensure that the object you are using is inedible by the cat. The object must also possess the scope of being manoeuvred in order for the cat to push around while reaching its feed. Doing such an act of distracting the speed has had proven benefits in tackling issues like that of cat regurgitation.


  • Smaller planned out meals

Like humans, eating several meals throughout the day as opposed to a few bigger meals can be highly viable to reverse the consequences of fast eating. Smaller meals also simply mean not a lot to scarf down. This process can be regulated as per observation of how your cat retaliates to it. 


  • Automatic cat feeders

An automatic cat feeder is a boon for those who cannot always be around their cat when it's eating. The technology used in this feeder gives the pet owner’s absolute control over how much the feeder is letting your cat eat, at the press of a button. It also comes with digital measurements that can be set beforehand as per the pet owner’s preference for their cat. A slow feed bowl is a great example of this technology!


The practice of these measures is certain to slow down your cat’s eating and relieve you off some concern. The best part? Your cat will barely know, if not enjoy its new way of eating!

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