Small Breed Dog Grooming You Can DIY

March 30, 2019
Small Breed Dog Grooming You Can DIY

The size of small dogs can be pretty deceptive when it comes to their grooming. While it is easy to assume that they may require less grooming, it’s only after they get one that most pet parents realise the magnitude of this task! Now before you get nervous about the whole process, read on to know how you can groom your small breed dog in the comfort of your home!


Before we get into the how’s, knowing the why’s of this trend that’s catching on can be pretty insightful. There are multiple reasons why pet owners these days are opting for grooming their pets by themselves instead of visiting a pet salon or hiring a dog groomer. Of the many, here are some of the most common ones -

  • Cheaper
  • Flexible timing
  • Absolute control
  • Satisfaction
  • Avoiding allergies that can be caught at the salon

Grooming your pet at home can be therapeutic, to say the least. The peace of mind that comes from taking care of your dog’s appearance all by yourself is an experience in its own! Tempted to know what it feels like? Here’s how you can start:


  1. A Healthy Coat

Before you start wondering to yourself, “what could be the best place for dog grooming near me?” to tend to your pooch’s coat, hold on! Basic grooming can be done all by yourself and at home to maintain a healthy coat of your pet dog. All you will need is some handy equipment like a slicker brush that will help you comb every strand of your pet’s coat. This step is absolutely essential in pet grooming because if not looked after, hair can start entangling and matting which becomes a trap for dirt further entailing the possibility of infections! However, bear  in mind that every kind of coat requires specific brushes, as follows:

  • Slicker brush - Tending to the vows of curly hair
  • Rubber currycomb - Great for loose hair and brushing off dead skin
  • Flea comb - Ideal for pets vulnerable to fleas and detangling hair that a brush may have missed

  1. Removal of Ear Wax

Research has proven that a earbud can be the worst thing ever to clean ear wax. If anything, it only pushes the wax inside worsening the condition. Thus, steer clear off a earbud when it comes to removal of wax. So what do you do? You need not start considering “local dog groomers near me” immediately as a cotton ball soaked in a ear-cleaning solution can do the trick just rightly. Just ensure using different cotton balls for each ear. One handy tip to curb the growth of ear wax is putting cotton balls in their ears during a bath. A sign of clean and healthy ears is them being light pink in colour devoid of any smell!


  1. Cleaning out Face Wrinkles

If you have a pet dog with adorable wrinkles on his face, like a Pug or a French Bulldog or you are just looking for help on how to groom a Maltese face, you can reach out for an earbud or a washcloth! Although small in size, the faces of such dogs require extreme attention when it comes to grooming. Cotton can be extremely handy if you’re contemplating how to groom a dog face as it is the softest on cleaning not only wrinkles but also the eyes.


  1. Bathing

An unavoidable step in grooming a pet, there’s actually a lot of detail that bathing requires. One of the most helpful advice on dog grooming for beginners when it comes to a bath is using tearless shampoo. It’s best to use shampoos that are particularly curated for pet dogs as using a shampoo made for humans can cause skin irritation and dryness owing to its high acidic content. And just as you would on yourself, don’t forget that conditioner to ensure a tangle-free, easy to comb, shiny and irresistible-to-touch coat!

  1. Clipping Nails

Last but not least, you don’t want to be scratched by your pet dog after awaiting a cuddle with him at the end of a long day! Clipping nails is necessary not only to keep a check on their length and sharpness but also curb any bacterial growth! If you would prefer, you can search for “small dog grooming near me” and talk to someone or simply watch some videos online to get some know-how about it. Nothing about it is rocket science!


Doing the above-mentioned steps at home can sure make your pet look like a million bucks for sure. To get a fair idea about how to go about it, you can also resort to the world wide web that’s abundant with how to groom a dog youtube and even a fair bit of professional dog grooming videos. So go on, pick a day to indulge your pet, he sure deserves it!

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