The Conundrum of Food Choices by Neha Panchamiya

June 24, 2018
The Conundrum of Food Choices by Neha Panchamiya

Neha Panchamiya is the Co-Founder and President of RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune’s largest citywide animal rescue organization. She is also a Hon. Animal Welfare Officer (Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt of India) and an active Member of the Zila Parishad District Animal Welfare Committee in Pune. She has been working with animals since 2007 and has been passionate about animals, especially dogs, since she was a child. A well-known figure in Animal Rescue in India, Neha speaks about her conundrum with food choices when she recently adopted a blind breeder-rejected Husky puppy.


“When Maya came to me she was 2 months of age. I was told she was separated from her mother when she was only 15 days old, so she did not receive the extremely vital nutrition in her early growing days through her mother’s milk. Maya’s mother had 5 pups, 3 of which passed away with her, 1 passed away a few days later of Parvovirus and the last one, Maya was suffering from glaucoma and associated blindness and thus of no use to the breeder for sale purposes.


Once she came to our family, I sprung into action about deciding which vet should be consulted and that point, what food she should eat! Deciding on veterinary doctors was far easier than making a food choice. This was absolutely critical, because putting aside my own reservations of personal choices of food, like my previous dogs who I had given dog food in important phases of their life, I knew I had to pick a complete and balanced Dog Food for Maya too. I had to be even more careful this time because Maya needed excellent quality food, which is perfectly balanced and prepared with thought because I could not afford to mess up her growth phase that had already been set back because of the environment and conditions she came from.


Being a Nutritionist by education, I can tell you while Home Cooked Food is great for dogs, balancing a dog food diet at home perfectly is something no one can certify you on. You may think your dog is healthy and active on Home Food too, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's optimum nutrition.


As I set off on this frustrating mission, going through every dog food, it's ingredients, source and company details...I spent hours trying to scrounge through every dog food bag and label. A Canadian brand called Now Fresh by Petcurean is now available in India and finally I had found a match for Maya!


I decided to try a small pack and see if she likes it and test how it affects her stools. I tried it on several other dogs to ensure they had no reservations either. Adult dogs are great connoisseurs for taste and their stools (stomachs already used to another food) are great indicators for what will ensue. Now Fresh passed the test with flying colours!


I got in touch with the Nutrition Hotline for Now Fresh and they were absolutely wonderful folks providing me all possible information with utmost transparency and ease. They even sent an Eye & Vision Supplement from their sister company for Maya and have pledged to donate a scheme to RESQ animals soon! (big yey!)


Maya has been on Now Fresh for about 2 months now. She has doubled her weight, her coat looks beautiful and her stools are well formed. She is active, playful (even though she is absolutely blind!) and intelligent beyond my expectations!


While Maya growing up healthy and strong is my top priority at the moment, I have to thank Now Fresh for providing pet owners a great option in India now. Maya absolutely loves Now Fresh. If any of you are going to be feeding your pet Dog Food, make sure you pick the BEST of the lot available in India (and there are so many deceiving bad ones!).


PS: I've been assured of Now Fresh's steady supply and it's available on www.uptowntails.com to purchase!

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