The Future of Pet Food: Trends to Watch!

March 02, 2019
The Future of Pet Food: Trends to Watch!

Every year the food world undergoes a revolution of a sort; brimming with ideas that beckon a better lifestyle, great health and even a promised state of mind! From vegan to dairy-free, food trends have been a thing for us humans in the past few years. Guess what? Our pets are not too far behind either. Of what once felt like a completely unevolved category, pet food is going through a fresh change and how! No longer are the pet food categories limited to dog food and pet food, read on to know the future.


  • A boost of nutrients

One of the most evident pet food trends 2019 is the incredible number of nutrients in it. Conventional pet food, for the longest time, has lacked some of the most important nutrients for a dog’s healthy growth and maintenance. Nutrients like calcium and phosphorous are the only few found in common pet food. However, how much of it is what the pet food industry is deciphering in every product manufactured. Senior dogs and puppies, especially, are the ones that can make the most or least out of a diet that lacks or possesses the right amount of nutrients.


  • New sources of nourishment

The newest dog food is much more than protein from chicken and fish. Essential nutrients like healthy fats too are being thrown light upon. Playing an important role in the maintenance of a healthy and shiny coat, healthy fats like omega 3 and 6 oils have for long skipped the recognition of value. Items like coconuts, canola, potato flour and even a whole wide array of vegetables are now coming to notice.   


  • Human attribution

We, humans, seek total transparency of our ingredients list for knowing what every bit that contributes to the shape, size and smell of what we are feeding ourselves. The pet foods trend too is catching up with the same with the concern of total transparency of humans extending to their pets. Today even pet food labels are clean with the mention of attractive terms like seasonal, homemade, 100% and free from among others!


  • Premiumisation

With pet parents going all out to tend to their pet’s nourishment, premiumisation is one trend we cannot skip mentioning here! From locally sourced to having a particular content, trending pet food is leaving no stone unturned. Foods boasting the highest source of natural protein to just the right amount of wetness are only some of the peripheral factors of premium pet food. Foraging further, you will be enlightened with everything from gluten-free, hyper-allergenic, to its degree to be palatable.

  • Going global

Pet food manufacturers are going out of their way to source ingredients. From a particular ocean bred tuna to algae from the Atlantic, manufacturers are trading the globe to assure you with the best! The demand for this is only on the rise for the multiple advantages that globally-sourced pet food comes with.


  • Tailor-made

Last but not least, in this age of customization, it is always a great thing to get what’s best for you! Vets and pet food manufacturers across the globe have teamed up to prescribe age-specific foods. Gone are the days when there was one food fit for all, irrespective of their age. Today, there are pet food categories tailor-made to fit the requirements of even junior and senior dogs, as well as large and small breeds!


Opportunities abound, we certainly encourage going with the trends knowing the amount of pivotal research that goes into them. After all, with the evolution of pet, the food too needs to evolve!

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