The Golden 5-point Dog-Bro Code that Exists between Every Man and his Dog!

July 12, 2018
The Golden 5-point Dog-Bro Code that Exists between Every Man and his Dog!

The phrase ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ is potentially one of the most well-known phrases out there. However the phrase uses the word man as a reference to humanity (which we all know also includes members of the fairer sex). So what is the relationship between a ‘men’ (read male human) and their dogs like? Are there some ground rules that exist to keep this relationship hunky dory?

The answer is yes! Here is ‘The Golden 5-point Dog-Bro Code that exists between every man and his dog!’

Dog – Bro Code Rule No.1: Always have each other’s backs.

Whether it is eating the homework or hiding something that shouldn’t be seen (by, say, a visiting mother, or worse, a mother-in-law) both man and dog have the solemn responsibility of having each other’s backs in a pinch. This is rule extends to preventing each other from getting into trouble or some misplaced thing or misplaced action! The dog may also go so far as warning his bro against the advances of women with a doubtful disposition.

Dog – Bro Code Rule No.2: I scratch yours, you scratch mine.

This rule applies in a variety of occasions but never more so when both bro and dog are out for a stroll in a park where ladies of both species are present. The dog must act playful, cute, and even friendly with women who have caught his bro’s eye and in reciprocation the bro must always linger for a while longer while the dog ‘interacts’ with the females of his species. This rule continues to be in play during house parties, dog-friendly adventure sports, visits to the vet and other similar situations!

Dog – Bro Code Rule No.3: Food is to be shared, always.

This rule maybe biased towards the dog but all food is to be shared at all times! If the bro is eating a pizza or a burger or even ice cream, the rule dictates that he share a small portion of this meal with his dog, you know, for tasting purposes.  This rule also applies to any food that maybe left unprotected on counter-tops or maybe dropped from the plate. The use of mops and brooms is strictly forbidden if the bro intends to clean up after being sloppy/ clumsy with his food. In case of the Dog’s food, the bro is welcome to try it! However, the dog demands that he be fed only the goodness of Now Fresh by Petcurean. It is a 100% Market Fresh product that contains meat from Turkey, Duck, and Salmon and is made without using any artificial preservatives!

Dog-Bro Code Rule No.4: Guard Duty

To maintain a safe and protected environment, guard duties will be shared between the bro and his dog. The dog will happily take up the night watch and alert the bro of any suspicious activities through sounds ranging from light growls to full blown howls. The bro must stand on guard during a thunder-storm, certain occasions where fireworks are used as well as when the dreaded Vacuum Monster Machine comes to life and threatens to gobble up the dog.

Dog –Bro Code Rule No.5: There is no I in We

Both Bro and Dog are part of an inseparable pack. What one gets the other gets too! Be it food, clothes, gifts, attention or love both should get an equal amount to avoid conflict and tantrums. The concept of privacy does not exist amongst the members of this pack and no matter what sort of compromising acts (such as using the bathroom) one might be doing; the other has full right to be there. A couch that usually seats one will have to seat both if both so wish to sit. Like in any relationship, the dog has to be allowed to read any and all texts the bro receives and also has total freedom to say ‘Hello’ during any of the bro’s calls!

What do you think about the Dog – Bro Code Rules mentioned above? Do you think there are some rules that we have missed out? Comment and let us know!

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