December 29, 2018

The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog. – Anonymous


A journey otherwise also is sweeter when travelled with a dog. A dog in tow can make a trip more fun and thrilling. Travelling with your pet dog also negates the worry of leaving him behind and wondering if he has been taken care of, is eating well, is missing you or suffering from separation anxiety. 

If you are thinking of a destination that requires air travel, carrying your furry friend in a crate is a must. It’s also a great thing as it ensures that he feels protected. Get your doggo used to being comfortable in a crate by using it regularly for a few days before the departure date. Talk to him in a soothing and happy voice once he is inside it. This will help him get rid of anxiety and fear. DO NOT push your dog inside the crate.  A caged dog tends to get irritated, so take him for a long run before sending him in it. This process will also help him sleep better. Encourage him to follow your command to be crated and follow it up with his favourite treats. Avoid feeding him to his full capacity just before travel as some dogs tend to get sick just like humans do.

Travelling by car with your dog is a slightly easier process. If this is your chosen mode of transport, let your dog explore the car while the windows are rolled down and engine turned off.  Take him for shorts drives often, and gradually increase the travel time getting him used to long distance road trips. The vehicle can be halted as per convenience in case the dog needs to relieve itself. Do not forget to carry dog waste bags. But, leaving the dog locked in a parked car is a big NO. Dogs are prone to heat strokes and could die within minutes due to the suffocation or excess heat. Invest in water proof seats and floor mats for the car. This eases the car cleaning process.

Most importantly, pack a bag for your dog! Often, we tend to focus so much on packing things for ourselves and forget to include certain main things that would be necessary while travelling with our pet. Comfort food and chew toys will keep him happy and occupied while travelling. Also carry food and water dishes- disposable ones work best while travelling. Dog beds are a good idea too, thus ensuring that he is comfortable while sleeping or resting. Dog leashes and harnesses are necessary to control the doggo. Grooming supplies to make sure he is well groomed throughout. Make sure you have his photo on print or in your phone in case of any unforeseen incidence of misplacement. Do not forget to attach an ID tag to his collar with his name and your own name and contact details. Last but not the least do not miss carrying a Veterinarian approved first aid kit for emergencies that may arise. A happy dog is the best travel companion you can ever look for! So, go ahead and plan the much needed vacay with him.

Bon Bow Woyage!

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