Why your cat is going to love Applaws

November 17, 2018
Why your cat is going to love Applaws

Humans have been petting cats for more than 12000 years now. Life never remains the same after you choose to be a ‘cat parent’. It is sometimes as difficult as being a President and running a nation. There is Out of all the other cat care dilemmas we struggle with, the ‘perfect food’ for these notorious cuddly companions still continues to our top concerns.

Why your cat is going to love applaws?

Applaws understands that these seemingly tiny creatures are the true majesties who require our undivided attention and deserve the best of nutrition. They bring to you, food products that your cats would go crazy about! Stay tuned to find more about your cat’s next favourite food.

1.Right from the nature’s basket

Applaws works diligently to bring products that are from the natural food palate of cats. We include ingredients like tuna, prawns, chicken, crabs, etc. that all cats already love with no processing done further. We do not induce artificial supplements in our products that are detrimental to their health in the long run.

  1. Keeping it simple

As humans we are used to adding different seasoning and flavours to our food. But, our natural carnivores like their food simple without any flavours. Applaws believes that the best seasoning to add to your cat’s food is love. So, all our products are free from any additional flavors or colouring agents and retain the natural feel of the ingredient.

  1. The meat treat

Cats being natural carnivores can not resist meat. The meat that our cats have been relishing on is not just for their taste buds but also for overall development. It provides them with the essential proteins, thus we include meat as our primary ingredient in most of our products. It may be in form of their favourite tuna or refreshing chicken coupled with other nutrients.  



  1. Fickle is fun

Variety is indeed the spice of life, for our cats too! Healthy and nutritious food is necessary but the same food turns boring soon no matter how healthy it might be. After all, food is for the soul. With Applaws you can pamper your cats with the range of food options and give them the gift of good health. Adopt a rotatory diet for your cat with Applaws and it will never hate meal times again.

  1. Best of both worlds

In this vivid world, few cats prefer wet foods that they could lick till their heart is content while few cherish the munching on the dry ones more. And, we shall not be surprised if it likes both. Applaws has a range of wet and dry foods which will allow them to fickle all they want and still get the dose of health. The wet food gets them pure animal protein. The dry food varieties include 20% plant protein along with some vitamins and is free from grains.   


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